"HANG IN THERE " toilet roll holder

This is for a standard toilet roll

For easy access this toilet roll holder has a small slit in the bottom of the holder, hang it up in your camping toilet it will keep clean and easy to access. Pull the paper through without unzipping it.

Cut the cardboard roll in the centre and pull it out then take the centre of the roll of paper and push through the slit. Hang roll up and already to use.

PVC does not rip or fray.

Vinyl pattern around the top.

Thread is a bonded polyester industrial sewing thread designed for applications exposed to the sun, salt water, wind, marine conditions and anywhere that can be tough on threads. 

Easy to clean just wipe over with a damp cloth.


The idea and the name was chosen by Stacey who pacifically asked for this type to be made.

Thank you Stacey






"HANG IN THERE " toilet roll holder

Body & handle colour

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